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a wholesaler first.

Established in 2021, Petit Flower Farm is a flower wholesaler first. Our goal is to provide local, field grown, pesticide free blooms to florists who care about where their flowers come from.

Petit Flower Farm is is run by me (Chantelle) with helping hands from my Dad (Rick) and husband (Scott). A small farm with big dreams, Petit Flower Farm currently has two fields in Norfolk County, one just outside of Vanessa, ON and the other in Renton, ON.

Our flower season starts in April with specialty narcissus and ends at the first frost with dahlias + sunflowers. In between, we grow everything from agrostemma to zinnias.

To request a weekly availability list from us, sign up HERE.

Looking forward to getting our field grown flowers into your hands!

Pesticide free flowers

Using weed barrier + alternative pest control methods, we're able to grow all of our blooms without the use of pesticides and sprays.

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Slow flower movement

We believe that the best flowers are the ones in season. Choosing local flowers has an abundance of benefits, read more about them here.

Soil health

Bettering the health of the soil is a top priority. Amending the fields with compost, leaf mold + worm castings as well as using minimal tillage ensures healthy soil ecosystems.

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